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Computers are the most mainstream appliance in our lives and its important to understand today's technology before you start buying new equipment.  You are only as quick as your slowest link in networking and using the internet.  That means from the wire's to the connectors to the router, switch, hub, network card and even your computer.  The right equipment can make a big difference.  Anti-Virus software, updates to the windows operating systems, Spyware and Adware removal are very important in keeping your computers running at peak performance. 

Home automation is also becoming an integral part of our lives.  If you could turn on or off a light, or set of lights, by pressing one button, wouldn't that make it easier.  If you could turn on the kitchen light or wherever you enter your house from the car when you get home, would that make it easier.  Especially if you have too many things to carry into the house.  For example groceries or kids.  I'm sure you can think of a few.  You may think its lazy but how many times have you done those very things and hoped you had that ability.  If you have a guest coming over and would like for the front door light, floodlight or low level lighting to turn on when they pull up the driveway would that make you and them feel better.  Lets talk about daylight savings time, that's when its really important.  You can even turn on and off appliances.

Take a look at these and other possibilities you have to automate the way you live your life.